“I was amazed at the high gloss look and feel of the film. The cinematography was fantastic a beautifully shot gothic nightmare.”


“The retro feel starts with lenser Garry Richards’ steady camera, moody lighting and classical widescreen compositions.”


“The cinematography is the stand out. Patrick is a classily shot film given its source and even in the effects heavy sequences the chaos is handled with discipline.”


“Hartley’s technically and stylistically superior film moves with a flashy kineticism Australian viewers are not used to seeing; their local pictures don’t usually look this good.
Patrick is an awesome vial of mad scientist cinema glossed with the varnish of a gothic looking art film.”


“Technically a quantum leap forward from its cult predecessor, Patrick benefits greatly from cinematographer Garry Richards’ skillful shadow play.”
The Hollywood Reporter


“Patrick is actually one of the more handsome Australian productions in recent memory genre or otherwise.”


“A truly gothic psychological thriller, unlike anything I’ve seen come out of Australia. The dark brooding atmosphere recalls films like The Devil’s Backbone and The Others. A beautiful looking film.”
MIFF Review


“Garry Richards cinematography is gorgeous – perhaps the first time that Australian cinema has effectively developed a gothic aesthetic.”


“Garry Richards’ slick steady lensing of the seaside asylum, lighthouse and hospital wings a feast for the eyes. Richards’ fluidity of motion is strongly assured, as he uses the camera as a prime tool for manipulation.”
Diabolique Magazine


“It looks great, due to the sterling cinematography from Garry Richards, who has dug deep into the moody box, blue, dark, day for night and filtered up.”


“The look of Patrick Evil Awakens is really what stands out the most. The gothic display throughout the course of the movie allows you to feel the darkness surrounding Patrick.”
The Examiner


“The gothic cinematography, coloring and lighting gives the film a very un-Australian atmosphere which will connect with audiences around the globe.”
MIFF Review


“The film is coated in a delicious looking pall of gloom courtesy of cinematographer Garry Richards.”
SBS Film


“Cinematographer Garry Richards has given us wonderful dark and moody lighting, with flickering and spluttering lights and great flashes of lightning.”
Sydney Arts Guide